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José Miguel de Prada Poole graduated in 1965 at Higher Technical School of Architecture of the Technical University of Madrid (ETSAM UPM) in the Specialty of Urbanism. He earned his PhD from the same institution in 1978. Since 1964 he has been a professor of Architectural Design, and later also of doctoral studies and Housing Industrial Design I and II, as well as the Emergency Architecture Seminar at the ETSAM (UPM). He was a research fellow at the Center for Advanced Visual Studies and a visiting professor – during a period from 1980 to 1982 – at the MIT in Cambridge Mass (USA). Additionally, he taught as a visiting professor at the University of Merida (Venezuela), in Santiago, Concepción, and Antofagasta (Chile), as well as at the UAM in Mexico City and the UNAM in Veracruz (Mexico).

Antonio Cobo is an architect based in Madrid. He completed his studies at the University of Rome (Sapienza) and the School of Architecture of Madrid (UPM) where he obtained a Master in Advanced Architectural Design and is currently developing his PhD dissertation "J.M. de Prada Poole: The perishable architecture of soap bubbles". Pneumatic Serendipity is a pedagogical project that is part of his doctoral research proposed as a tool based on the design of prototypes with pneumatic structures. As part of this initiative, he has taught and lectured in the Schools of Architecture of Madrid (UPM), Alicante (UA), Ambato (UTA) and Aarhus (AAA) among others. As an artist, he has developed several projects upon the concept of space and atmosphere, with air, light and smells as fundamental inmaterials of their work.

: Aarhus School of Architecture

Izabela Wieczorek is an architect by the Faculty of Architecture at the Cracow University of Technology and by the Higher Technical School of Architecture of the University of Seville. She is a PhD candidate at the Higher Technical School of Architecture of the Technical University of Madrid (ETSAM UPM). She is a co-founder of g+w/ Gálvez+Wieczorek arquitectura based in Madrid. She has developed most of her academic career in Spain at the UPSAM, UFV, IEDMadrid and at the School of Architecture of the Alcalá University. Currently she holds an associate professorship at the Aarhus School of Architecture..

: Alicante School of Architecture

Javier Sánchez Merina. Associate professor at Kingston University London (1994-97, with Katerina Rüedi) and at University of Alicante (2000-11, with Prof. JM Torres Nadal), PhD with the First Grade mark Cum Laude and Honorific Mention of European PhD (ETSA, Barcelona 2002), positive evaluation by ANECA for senior lectureship (2011), and at present, lecturer at UA and Azrieli Visiting Critic at Carleton University (Ottawa 2012)

: Technical University of Ambato

José Antonio Flores. Ph.D. in Analysis, Theory and History of Architecture in 2013 at Higher Technical School of Architecture of the Technical University of Madrid (ETSAM UPM) and Architect by the University of Seville in 2004. He has been Fellow in the Seminary of Felix de Azúa in 2014 and also in the Chair of Manuela Mena in 2013, both at the Prado Museum. Pensioner of Architecture at the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome in 2010. He has received several awards throughout his academic career as the Extraordinary National Prize and the Prize of the Real Maestranza de Sevilla to the best academic record in 2004. He is currently Professor of History and Theory of Architecture and Research Coordinator at the Faculty of Design, Architecture and Arts in the Technical University of Ambato. He has just published his first book: Fragmentos de Roma, 2014.

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